Steve Marie

Steve Marie is known to have played in major Parisian clubs such as the Rex Club, Concrete, Machine Moulin Rouge alongside listed names like Onur Ozer, Juan Atkins or even Domenico Rosa B2B at the Nostromo festival in July 2017.

Originally from Corsica, early music and self-taught, it’s under the influence of the House music and Techno that he began his first mixes at the age of 15 years of music production in stride…

Evolving in his style, Steve experiments and takes a turn in a techno style that wants to be abstract and futuristic, trancy in a nod to the beautiful 90s. He concretizes this ambition with his acolytes OPAQ Records leaving Signal EP in February 2018 which meets a great success among wise listeners in the underground world.

The energy that Steve deploys in his work is materialized by a second release on Opaq Records Transgression EP’s 002 in June 2018 that kept all its promises.

Workaholic, he participated in the autumn of 2018 with an excellent two-pearls signature on OPIA Records alongside Luis Malon.

In addition, his perseverance at work allows him to take slowly but certainly his flight including crossing borders with dates in Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia and Ukraine.

A solo release on its label, OUTRANCE EP which did not fail to make react the whole community and to open to him thus other musical perspectives and opportunities.

Last notification, two participations on No Tech Just Wax with his partner and friend Charlou and another one on the Slovenian label Phi Records.

We also talk about other releases on other labels with other very good artists…


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