Another founding member of OPAQ Records and guarantor of the dark branch of the label, Stephen learns electronic music very early with as a weapon illegal raves organised in the Corsican mountains where he already tattooed his ear with an imprint trance, acid, techno punk at high bpm. standing out with a style a little less hardcore than his acolytes.

As you can understand Stephen is not mad with the musical violence and willingly marries a libertarian and agressive style seeking the senses sometimes in moments of brain sweets.

He co-produced with Steve Marie the track Spaced released on the first EP of OPAQ Records,
where you can enjoy his own style. Then come 666, second track he released on Opaq
Record, a piece with trance and metallic looks. A symbol.

Stephen performs alongside his friends Opaq, raw talents like our friend Muelsa with whom he shares a lot of musical affinities, but also admirable artists like Kazimir on behalf of Nostromo.

The Bellevilloise, the Station Gare des Mines and soon Brest are the theaters where those
who were there remember the intensity put by the butcher and especially know what they


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