Born of a meeting between two electronic music lovers for who digging
old discs to hurt their back is a real passion, the duo Lumbago is formed
in 2015. In the process they create their own label of the same name.
The music played by the duo is hybrid and complex, drawing as much in

Acid house as in techno, breakbeat or garage, keeping this certain mini-
malist and futuristic side.

Lumbago regularly organizes events in which they have the opportunity
to share the decks with plenty of different DJs, showcasing themselves,
thus offering varied and fine sets. That openness spirit has permit them
to carve out a solid reputation and consequently make Lumbago one of
the most talentend duo in Lyon’s underground scene.
Being DJs and non-producers, the founders want their label to reflect
their collection and their mix, rich and composed of multiple influences.
Some new talents and renowned artists such as 100Hz, Rufus or Tom
Joyce to name a few, have had the opportunity to be released on their
imprint. Oscillating between house, electro-ish breakbeat or techno, the

success of these releases have helped make Lumbago Records a must-
have label in the French underground scene, and the best is coming…

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