Sidney aka NMSS is a DJ-Producer and promoter. Founder of the Underground Feeling collective, an association active in the nightlife of Strasbourg through which he invites during prestigious evenings big names like Slow Life, Tommy Vicari Jnr, Le Loup, Alien recordings (A² / Stopouts) Reedale Rise, J. Albert, Henrik Begqvist, Hinode, Najem Sworb, Yoshi. Trax Magazine did document these evenings at the rather original concept where during his performance, only the shadow of the artist was visible behind a curtain… He’s now organising events in Brussels with his collective Tape Return.


He is also resident on Kiosk Radio where he hosts a monthly podcast, and invites other artists for b2b sets.

His dj sets are inspired by the beginnings of electro, breakbeat, ambient and broken beat. He allows himself for some off-track moments by going to the best of the repertoire of experimental Funk, UK Bass, Jazz, hip hop and 2step . We also find in his mixes a composite of atmospheric influences among which we can satiate jerky rhythms, robotic grooves, space melodies, exotic percussion and consistent bass lines.


NMSS samples all his infinitely rich inspirations and references in his laboratory and strives to produce music, a passion for which he has a certain talent.


Thus, between 2013 and 2015 he released 3 EP NYX, PROMOTHEE and ATLANTIS. A triptych that announces the central themes that I address in his music. Mythology, mysticism, artificial intelligence, water among others. He goes on in 2016 with an excellent EP Yoga Nidra on the Czech label Neo Violence.

Then in 2017 he publishes SATORI on the German label A friend in need. Then follows a collaboration with the Strasbourg duo RBDP, which will give a union called NEBRAH (with Wilt, half of RBDP) on Raw Culture.

Without mentioning anecdotal appearances made for compilations with Komos, Chillin Project or remixes for Neo Violence.


Genius and tireless worker, he feels the need to pilot his artistic projects. He decides to create his own imprint Flat Earth records, the logical continuation of his reflections. Sidney gives substance to his societal and environmental concerns. Mixing metaphysical, philosophical and sociological questions through his music.


Sidney is an esthete. Through the first EP of Flat Earth records, Panopticon, he links dystopia, twisted reality and conspiracy theory. Indeed, his productions plunges us into the concept of Panopticon. An architectural concept developed by Jeremy Bentham in the late 18th century. The concept is based on a circular prison where a single guard can observe all the prisoners without being observed. We experience similarities with the internet surveillance critiqued by Snowden and brought to light by scandals like the one with Facebook-Cambridge Analytica.


The Panopticon Ep music is obviously inspired by the beginnings of electro and breakbeat. The Juno thick pads mixes with 606, 808 drums and groovy bass lines to create a constant tension. Science fiction is born again.


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